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Ethics and Religious Culture 500 Sec V Grade 11/ Ethiques et Culturel Religieuse Secondaire V

Homework Due date

2018:Take A Bow (Final Bow out of High School)

This is a song that captures how you felt or connects you to your high school experience.

The song should be one that expresses how you felt in school and out. Please bring in a written piece  (e.g. a cue card) where you describe and explain why you choose the song. (60 words) Please enure that your explaination connects the song to your high school experience and provide the reasons why this song is your choice. Be clear and intentional.

In class you will play the song for a minute (60 secs) then state orally why you choose the song.

You can create a mash up of songs, a song in a different language  (bring the lyrics in English), an instrumental or perform the song. 

- worth 25%

- written piece (mandatory)

 Due Dates

April 03: 502-03 & 502-06
April 05: 502-04
April 06: 502-05

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Mon, 04/02/2018

2018: Insta Bye Bye 25%

This assignment is based of the popular "Humans of NYC". But it is our version called "Knights of WHS", where you can share any story about life up until this point. The story should be a minimum of 160 words with an attached picture (no pictures of you or anyone else). Please send it to  sjafralie@emsb.qc.ca

502-04: April 12
502-05: April 11
502-05: April 11
502-06: April 16
502-03: April 16

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Mon, 04/09/2018

2018: Song Creation and Performance

Song Creation

Students, in pairs. are to write an original songs using ethical, secular, moral and religious topics. The creation of a song is similiar to a story. These lyrics are to be original and should not make any reference to violence, immorality, sexuality. racism, prejudice, discrimination, or offense.


- 2 verses (4-6 lines) - 20%

- Chorus (2-4 lines) and repeated twice in the performance- 20%

- Original lyrics - 20%

- Use instrumentals or your own instruments (make sure to credit their artist of the instrumental) - 20%

- 2 copies of the song - 20%

Due Dates

April 23: 502-01 &502-06
April 18: 502-04
April 19: 502-05
April 24: 502-03




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Mon, 04/16/2018

Interfaith Fashion Show

Interfaith Fashion Show : 25%of C#2
May 01: 502-03 & 502-06
May 03: 502-04
May 04: 502-05
May 07: 502-01


Guidelines and Rules

1) You cannot purchase the religious clothing 

2) You must create, or borrow the religious clothing

3) Take care of the clothing as they represent people's faith

4) You have prepared a 60 word oral about the experience




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Tue, 05/01/2018