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Contemporary World - 03

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Structural Adjustment Comic

Documentary "Life and Debt":

Here's a few links with info on Structural Adjustment Programs in the developing world:

Here are some links on the Structural Adjustment Programs (sometimes referred to as 'austerity' plans) in Europe:

AP Links (can be used by non-AP students as well)




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Wed, 12/13/2017


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Reflection on Nietzsche

Part One – Summary (200 word minimum):  In your own words, describe the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche. Make specific reference to the following concepts:

  • The Death of God
  • Will to Power
  • Übermensch (‘overman’ or ‘superman’)

Part Two – Opinion (150 word minimum): What do you think of Nietzsche’s ideas? What ideas do you find interesting or disturbing? Which ideas do you support and which ideas do you reject? Explain. Why do you think his ideas appealed to the Nazis? What do you think Nietzsche would say about the fact that his ideas were embraced by the Nazis?

To see the video "Human, All too Human":

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Thu, 12/14/2017

Financial Education 10

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Persuasive Essay on Unions

Using the following articles write a persuasive essay on whether or not you think labour unions are beneficial for Canadian workers.

Articles providing pros and cons:

Articles focused on disadvantage of union membership:

Articles focused on advantages of union membership:

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Fri, 12/22/2017