Student Bulletin Announcements

Dodge Ball Semi Final game today

Today at lunch...our semi final dodge ball game. Who will make it to the finals? Kerr, Dias Maxwell, Mason, Hollywood Hasani, Clark? Watch it live.


Track and Field

Please give your event preferences to one of the coaches by Monday April 24th.


Friday April 21st after school

Monday April 24th after school

Monday May 1st after school

Wednesday May 3rd after school

Smart Hoops

The gym will be open for scrimmage after school on tuesdays to all students who spend their lunch hour on tuesdays in room 303 studying.

See M Lavoie for more details.

Defi Sportif Competition

The Defi Sportif competitions will be held all week at the Claude Robillard Centre as well as other venues. This ia a competion attracting over 6,700 elite and up coming athletes with disabilities from all over Quebec and other countries. It is our own Paralympics. You could see sledge hockey, wheelchair basketball, track and field, fencing and more all for free. Check out local T.V. news coverage of the events.

The WHS Leaders on Wheels will be competing this week at the Defi Sportif.

Competing in the Swimming Competition on Tuesday is Ryan, Niko, Sophie and Phil.

Competing on Thurday:

-Mikisew, Ryan and Angelika in the power wheelchair obstacle course.

-Harris and Abdullah in shot put, and 

-Abdullah in the manual wheelchair race.

Good luck to our athletes.

Leaders on Wheels
Meditation Club Tues & Thurs lunch RM 121
Sec 5 Scholarship for student of Guyanese descent

If you are a sec. 5 student of Guyanese descent who has been accepted to CEGEP, you can apply for a scholarship ($$$) through the Guyana Cultural Association of Montreal.  Please pick up an appilcation form in guidance!

Grade 9 and 10 Tutorial Locations & new sign-ups

Science and Math tutorials with Mr. Maxwell are taking place in room 118.

History tutorials with Mr. Piche are taking place in room 103.


Spots are still available by request for students wishing to join tutorials.  To make a request, please click here.

You must make a committment to attend.  Here is the schedule:

Tutorial Schedule







Lunch Time

(eating permitted during tutorials)

Math Sec. 3 B

History Sec. 4 A

Math Sec. 3 A

History Sec. 4 B


Sec. 3 Science A

History Sec. 3

Math Help

Sec. 3 Science B

After School


History Sec. 3

Science Sec. 4 B

History Sec. 4 B

Science Sec. 4 A

Math Sec. 4 CST A

History Sec. 4 A

Math Sec. 4 CST B

Math Sec. 4 SN

*Note letters “A” or “B” denote different groups.  Please check above to see which group you’ve been assigned.

Euro Trip 2018

All students who are interested in the 2018 Euro trip are asked to join Ms. Anania in room 212 at lunch on Tuesday, May 2.  Future students of grades 10 and 11 who want to particpate are invited to come and join us to see where our travels will take us.

Summer Job Fair

Are you over 16 and looking for a summer job?

If so, the Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi in NDG is holding a job fair May 10th at 4:30pm! They are also having a CV workshop on May 3rd from 4:30-6:30.

If you are interested, please come see Guidance for more details as you need to RSVP to attend!!

Sec 4 History tutorials - Only 18 spots left!

Sign-up for next Monday's after school history tutorial for the sec 4 Ministry exam. The sign-up sheet is on the door of room 103. Sign-up today as spots are limited!

Floor Hockey Tournament

With dodge ball winding down, floor hockey will soon begin. Can the Teachers Team coached once again by Miss Sipos, win-it-all...AGAIN? The schedule will be out shortly.