The guidance counsellor, Karen Allen, is available to students for course counselling, testing, career planning and advice regarding CEGEP/University applications, vocational programs, references, and personal problems. If you have concerns, visit the office and make an appointment.


Karen Allen has been a Guidance Counsellor employed by the English Montreal School Board (former Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal) for the past 15 years. She completed both her Bachelor of Arts (Psychology Major) and Masters in Counselling Psychology at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. Karen completed internships in clinical and psycho educational settings with an emotionally disturbed adolescent population at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Initially, Karen began her career as a Guidance Consultant in the Elementary School sector (children aged 5-12) conducting psycho-educational testing and working with regular and special-needs children and their families. Her expertise has also developed in the area of trauma and crisis intervention and she is one of the coordinators of the Traumatic Events Support Team for the English Montreal School Board. Her primary interest has been to work with adolescents and help them with their social and personal development.

In 1995-1996, Karen was appointed Guidance Counsellor at Westmount High School which has become in the past 5 years one of top-ranked public schools without admission criteria in the greater Montreal area. Karen was instrumental in developing and coordinating the implementation of the Advanced Placement Program at Westmount High School. She led a team of educators in a visit to the Bellevue School District to observe their model of implementing the Advanced Placement Program with a similar diverse student population. This team was responsible for developing a pilot program at Westmount High School and presently is the only public school in the province of Quebec that offers Advanced Placement Exams and courses as part of their curriculum. As a result, Westmount High School has evolved into an institution that truly caters to the needs of all students and attracts a local and international clientele.