Issue Creation Guide

Thank you for taking the time to report issues !

You will only be able to do so if you have an account and logged in. If you don't have an account, please take a couple minutes to create one so you may help us have a better website. Right next to the Login button you should see a link to Create new account, simply click it then follow further instructions. Don't forget to continue this guide ounce you're done.

To report an issue, you'll need to create one if a similar doesn't already exist (search for one before). To create an issue, you need to log in then in the menu bar, click Create content then choose Issue. It should be straightforward from there. There should be instructions and you may also rely on your intuition. Here's an issue example.

If a technical issue stops your from reporting an issue or you cannot figure it out, you may leave a message through our contact form.