Westmount High Woodshop

"Without the opportunity to learn through the hands, the world remains abstract, and distant, and the passion for learning will not be engaged." - Doug Stowe

Woodworking is intended to broaden and enhance ones professional and personal skills.  Students will learn safety procedures, organization, planning and execution of short term and long term projects, cooperation with others, and knowlegdge of woodworking tools/machines.

Furthermore, through an application of strict work ethics, they will develop self respect, maturity and a confidence that comes with fine workmanship and concrete success.  Finally, this course will teach students to express themselves creatively through woodworking. 

Science & Technology

In its effort to explain the world around us, science often relies on technological advancement.  The world of technology attempts to respond to our needs by designing technical objects and striving for technolocial achievement, but it in turn makes use of scientific principles, laws and therioes by providing opportunity for their application.  (QEP 2012)

Introducion to Media Arts

Students explore the following topics in the workshop environment.

  • Technical Drawing
  • Hand Tools
  • Portable Power Tools
  • Machine Operation
  • Joinery
  • Assembly
  • Finisihing

Exploration of Vocational Training

The Exploration of Vocational Training program offers young people the opportunity to become familar with the vocational training sectors and the world of work.  It enables them to discover a number of trades and occupations that might appeal to them, and to explore some of them more closely. 

Thus, it encourages students to think about their future, identify their aptitudes, aspirations and keenest interests, and see themselves as future workers.  The diversity of exploration activities proposed in the program and the resulting reflections and exchanges should help students step back to take a critical look at the myths, prejudices and stereotypes associated with vocational training. 

Therefore, graduates will be better equiped to make decisions concerning their career and their education in accordance with their ambitions.  In addition, this course offers students the opportunity to develop skills in carpentry, cabinetry and construction industries. 

As a result, this course provides theoretical knowledge and hands on experience, and is ideal for students who wish to learn how to design, implement and produce projects using wood and wood related materials. 

"When people say to me that they are not creative, I assume that they haven't yet learnt what is involved." - Sir Ken Robinson