The Personal Orientation Program is a new course for high schools and its main purpose is to help students begin job and career related explorations. Students have the opportunity to discover their work ethic values and the positive personal characteristics they bring to their society and future jobs. The P.O.P. class is not designed to make or direct students in making any kind of final decisions regarding the various careers they can or should follow, but to provide options and information about the world of work.

Today’s job world is much different than it was twenty years ago. Even then the job market and careers were more stable and long lasting. However, in recent years the economy, computer technology and globalization has created a fast paced, ever-changing workplace that demands quick thinking and incredibly high levels of adaptability from workers. Gone are the days where companies and the economic structures guaranteed long lasting careers and financial stability. Statistics show that seventy five percent of high school secondary five students have absolutely no idea of their career plans at the beginning of the school year and nearly thirty five percent of graduates are not prepared for the labour market as they lack professional qualifications or any basic knowledge of what is required of them to enter and thrive in the job market.

With a brand new room, the latest computer technology and an innovative approach to standard teaching methods the P.O.P. course has been implemented to give students guidance, teach computer related skills, methods of adaptability, and knowledge of their personal skills and aptitudes so that they can better negotiate the new realities of the working world. Come check out this exciting new course!