Ethics & Religious Culture

The Program:

The Ethics and Religious Culture program offers students from all backgrounds the tools necessary for a better comprehension of our society and its cultural and religious heritage. Students are encouraged to open themselves to the world and to develop their ability to act with others. By grouping all the students together, rather than dividing them into groups according to their beliefs, and by promoting the development attitudes of tolerance, respect and openness, we are preparing them to live in a pluralist and democratic society.


Ethics and Religious Cultures Competencies and Evaluation:

Students will have one assessment and reflective journal per term.

Competency #1- Reflects on ethical questions

Reflecting on ethical questions enables students to examine the significance of various types of conduct, as well as the values and norms that guide members of a society with respect to community life

Evaluation Criteria for Competency #1:

- Detailed analysis of a situation from an ethical point of view - Study of the references present in the points of view - Evaluation of options or possible actions in order to recognize which ones contribute to community life

Competency #2 - Demonstrates an understanding of the phenomenon of religion

The goal is to encourage students to understand the various forms of religious expression, grasp the complexity of the phenomenon and gain perspective on the various dimensions: experiential, historical, doctrinal, moral, ritual, literary, artistic, social or political.

Evaluation Criteria for Competency #2:

- Detailed analysis of a form of religious expression - Explanation of the connections between forms of religious expression and elements of the social and cultural environment - Analysis of a range of ways of thinking, being and acting


Cycle One Themes:

Ethics competency

- Freedom - Autonomy - Social order

Religious culture competency

- Quebec's religious heritage - Key elements of religious traditions - Representations of the divine