Our team of math teachers remains strongly committed to traditional and fundamental values in the teaching and learning of math, while demonstrating a proven ability to be pro-active and stay in tune with modern practices. A solid foundation of basic math content and skills is still the primary goal. In senior math classes, where more abstract subjects are explored, practice still exceeds theory and our focus on concrete results has been demonstrated on province wide exam results.

Westmount High School offers an array of courses to serve a very diverse student population. Because we recognize that there are important differences in interests, abilities, and learning styles, we always strive to group and place students appropriately. In addition to the programs prescribed by the ministry of education, we offer an enriched program for a group of students selected during the first cycle. These students are in fact permitted to accelerate through the senior math program and are then taught Calculus.

The Calculus taught at WHS covers most of the topics covered in Calculus I and II courses in CEGEP or typical introductory Calculus courses in universities across Canada and the United States. In fact, students who pass the Advanced Placement exam obtain college level credits that grant them equivalents in CEGEP (Calculus I).