STEP 120

Founded at Westmount High, STEP 120 is an Educational Clinic designed to help students in the following ways:

Free tutoring by university students during the school day. Any student may request tutoring. The program is not limited to students who are not passing; however, tutors are provided depending on their availability.

  1. Mentor program
  2. Mentor program
  3. Homework tracking
  4. Counseling
  5. Parent consultation and liaison with teachers
  6. Individualized programming which includes enrichment or remediation (as needed)

Step 120 is open every day. Parents and students are welcome to make use of our services. If you require further information, please call to make an appointment with the Step 120.

Department Head

Brenda Bourdeau, Special Education

Tel.: (514) 933-2701 ext: 5960
Fax.: (514) 933-2663

Special Education Teacher

Jo-Anne Fanning

Batshaw Youth and Family Centers Liaison

(514) 938-1654

Child Care Workers

  • Tari Galia
  • C-J Turner
  • Sonia Desmaris