Westmount Public Library’s McEntyre Writing Competition

Congratulations to all the Westmount High School students who participated in this year’s McEntyre Writing Competition.  This year Westmount High won 15 of the 20 prizes, including first place in grades 7, 9, 10 and 11, which is a new school record!  They will be honored by the mayor and city council of Westmount at Victoria Hall on Wednesday, June 3.  The list of prize winners is as follows:

Grade 7:

  • 1st place Ryan Wark
  • 3rd place Hannah Surette

Grade 8:

  • 3rd place Stephanie Berglas
  • Honorable mention Oloivia Ho

Grade 9:

  • 1st place Leonardo DaCunha
  • 2nd place Stefano Fede 
  • 3rd place Daniel Lanthier 
  • Honorable mention Adrienne Buell

Grade 10:

  • 1st place Ezra Budman
  • 2nd place Kashante Marshall 
  • 3rd place Briget Hamilton

Grade 11:

  • 1st place Jaylin Paris
  • 2nd place Brandes Tecks 
  • 3rd place Yuxin Xu 
  • Honorable mention Atticus Woodall