Safe Schools

The Westmount High School Community is dedicated to making our school safe for everyone!

We encourage members of our school community to be informed on bullying and violence prevention.


Please find attached; 

                - The Anti-Bullying Pledge that we have taken, you could take it too!

                - Bill 56, the Anti-Bullying legislation.

                - Westmount High School's Safe Scholl Action Plan for the 2015/2016 School Year


You May find the following websites useful. Within these sites you can find;

a) Information on what Bullying is and the different 'types' of bullying.

b) Clues as to how to recognize that a child is being bullied

c) Important phone numbers and links to getting help and having someone to talk to

d) Infromation on the possible legal ramifications of bullying.









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