Code of Behavior



Hereinafter parent and guardian will be called parent.

Individual development, individual responsibility, and a respect for each individual within society are at the root of our program. Our code of behavior reflects this commitment while fostering the skills and attitudes that are necessary in order to become responsible citizens.

We expect all members of our school community -- students, teachers, and parents or guardians -- to set an example which will result in Westmount High being a zone of zero-tolerance for vandalism, violence, racism, illegal substances and harassment.



At Westmount High there are simple guiding principles and we expect all
behaviors to support these principles.

The behavior of each of us must demonstrate, at all times, respect and consideration for the rights of others both within our school community and society at large.

Teachers and parents should make it clear that each student has a responsibility to be on time, and that punctuality is an important
life skill which is reinforced at school, and which shows respect for others.

Students have a responsibility to learn.

Teachers have a responsibility to teach.



Attendance is compulsory. Absence is permitted only in the case of illness or religious holiday. In all cases, upon return to school, the student must have a dated note of explanation, written and signed by a parent. This note must give a reason for the absence. Parents are encouraged to use the Agenda Book for absence notes. A dated note must be written even if the school has been notified of the absence by telephone. A medical note will be required after an absence of 5 or more consecutive days.

Since there is a direct relationship between attendance and learning, we make every effort to exert rigid attendance control procedures. Students are responsible for being in school and in classrooms punctually. Students must inform themselves of all material covered during their absence and complete any work that has been assigned.



Students are not permitted to leave the school during school hours without permission. Any student who does so will be considered skipping classes and it will result in a suspension. A student who requires an early dismissal must bring a dated note signed by his or her parents and must present this in order to be allowed to leave. If a student becomes ill during the day he/she must report to the office and may be sent home by the administration who will inform parents. It is important therefore, that all parents provide a telephone number where they may be contacted during school hours.



In the case of emergency situations which will cause a student to be late, parents must telephone the office before 8:15 a.m. or send a dated note with the student. Please note that a telephone call must be followed by a dated note on the next school day. Students without a dated note or phone call will not be permitted to enter the building after 8:45 a.m. or 9:55 a.m. on Wednesday.

IMPORTANT:Valid reasons are needed. Excuses such as slept in, alarm clock did not go off, missed the bus are not valid. Notes will be reviewed by administration.

Students who are late for homeroom without a valid reason must automatically make up the time by serving a detention at 3:15 p.m. on that day. Students who arrive after the end of homeroom or after the lunch period, must report to the office to sign in and will receive a school detention.

Students who are late three times within one calendar month will be subject to suspension.

Lateness to class will not be tolerated and is subject to a class detention.



Suspension - Students will be re-admitted to school once a meeting has taken place with the student, administration and the parent. A Plan of Action will be formulated to resolve the problem. A suspension letter will also be provided. Students on suspension are not permitted on school property before, during and after school.

Teacher’s Detention - Students must serve the detention. Failure to do so will result in a school detention. The student will also be required to make up the teacher’s detention.

School Detention – Students must serve the detention on the day that it is given. Students are not excused from serving detentions. School Detention is from 3:15p.m. - 4:00p.m. Skipping an assigned Detention, results in it being doubled. Skipping an assigned detention three times will result in a suspension.

Outerwear such as jackets and boots are not permitted in the Detention Room.



Property - The school building, books, property of the English Montreal School Board, the personal property of staff and students will be safe and free from damage. Vandalizing school property will be subject to clean up duty, costs incurred and/or suspension.

Plagiarism– Students will be instructed with regards to the seriousness of this offense as well as what constitutes plagiarism by their teachers. Students who have plagiarized will re-do the assignment for a maximum value of 75%. Parents will be informed. A second offense will be subject to a suspension or a zero.

Smoking – In line with the EMSB policy, smoking in the school or on school property is prohibited by law and will not be tolerated. Smoking inside the building or on school property is not permitted and is subject to suspension. Westmount High School does not support smoking for any of its students.

Substance Abuse – Westmount High will not tolerate the use and/or possession of alcohol or drugs at school or at any school activity. The possession or use of illegal substances is prohibited and will result in a suspension and/or expulsion. The school reserves the right to require mandatory drug testing.

Weapons - The possession of or threat to use weapons or replicas is not tolerated and will result in confiscation and an immediate suspension and further procedures upon investigation.

Bullying/Intimidation – Westmount High will not tolerate bullying or intimidation (physical or verbal abuse) that is directed towards students or staff members. Students will be subject to suspensions and/or expulsion.

Disruptive Behavior - The refusal to follow staff instruction and/or defiance of staff will not be tolerated. As well chronic disruptive behavior that prevents the learning or teaching process will not be tolerated. Such behaviors are subject to suspension.

Lockers - Each student is loaned one hall locker for the school year. Lockers are assigned by the Homeroom teacher and are not to be shared or switched throughout the year.

The principal or his delegate will, upon serious suspicion, proceed with a locker search for the safety and security of everyone. Finding drugs or weapons will result in an immediate suspension and further procedures upon investigation

Students may provide their own locks but are encouraged to avoid the low cost, low-quality lock which offers little or no protection. The lock available through the school office is $5.00. It is a high security key lock.

As one might expect, theft does occur. In most cases, a lock has been left unlocked, or a lock combination traded with friends, written on notebooks, schedule cards, or on the locker itself. The victims are usually the younger students; the older ones have learned to be careful. The locker is not a safe place for cash or valuables. The loss of students’ belongings is not covered by any form of insurance held by the school. Students are encouraged not to bring valuables to school.

Skipping – Attendance is closely monitored. Skipping of classes will not be tolerated and is subject to suspension.

Electronic devices - Students are not permitted to use electronic devices (MP3 player, pager, cell phone etc…) in school and will be confiscated. Parents are obliged to retrieve the devices from the school.

Skateboards / Roller Blades - Students are not allowed to use these items in the building.

Food/beverages - Eating and/or drinking is not permitted in the classrooms.


In working to help students abide by these principles, the administration and staff will use discussion, counseling, detention, suspension or community service as disciplinary measures.


All students and parents are required to sign the contract that is included in the agenda on page 17. It must be returned to the Homeroom Teacher by September 7th, 2007



Student Uniform - Students must be in complete uniform coming to school in the morning and leaving the building after school. Changing of clothes is not permitted. All students must wear the school uniform while on school grounds. The uniform can not be modified in any way. Students will not be admitted to school unless wearing the uniform. This applies at the onset of the school year and is maintained throughout the year.The uniform must be purchased through the school supplier, Mega Design International Inc.

  • The school uniform must be neat, clean and properly worn. The black uniform pants are to be worn at the waist. The pants are not to be rolled or tucked into shoes/boots. The uniform skirt is not to be worn as a mini shirt.

  • A T –shirt could be worn under the school polo. However it must not surpass the polo either at the waist or the sleeves.

  • Only the uniform cardigan with the embroidered Westmount High is to be worn over the school polo.

  • Black shoes are recommended. Steel toe shoes or boots are not permitted. Flip flops are not permitted.

  • Solid black or solid neutral colored socks/tights as well as solid black leggings underneath skirts are permitted. Fluorescent, patterned, odd matches, striped or torn socks/tights will not be tolerated.

  • Students not wearing the school uniform will be sent home to change.

General Appearance - Discussion regarding inappropriate dress and personal appearance takes place individually with the administration.

  • Headwear (unless of a religious nature) is not to be worn at any time in the building. Baseball caps, hats, tuques, hoods or bandannas worn indoors will be confiscated.

  • Chains or jewelry that carry emblems or symbols that could be found offensive to any individual or group will not be permitted. No studded bracelets or excessive jewelry are permitted.

  • Hair must be kept in a natural colour.

  • Facial piercing, other than ears, is not recommended.

  • School shorts and T-shirts are required for physical education classes and extra curricular activities. They are not to be worn to the regular classes.

Physical Education Uniform - Physical education is a compulsory subject for all students, Levels 1-V. Participants are required to wear the W.H.S. uniform for gym classes and for extra curricular activities only.

  • It is mandatory that all students purchase gym uniforms through the school supplier, Mega Design International Inc.
  • It is each student’s responsibility to have his/her uniform for every class.
  • Tights or socks higher than the knee cannot be worn during Physical
    Education classes.
  • Layers of additional clothing are not permitted to be worn underneath
    the Physical Education uniform.

  • Jewelry must be removed before Physical Education classes.

  • Students cannot change into their gym uniforms in areas not deemed for
    that purpose (i.e. classrooms or corridors).
    They must use locker rooms or washrooms to change.

All students must have a second lock to use in the gym locker room while participating in the physical education class.

**Please note: All outerwear must be stored in the student’s locker during the school day. No outerwear or school bags are to be taken to the cafeteria line, computer labs or the library.

If school bags are taken to classrooms, they must be stored under the students’ chairs. **




The uniform and the student wearing the uniform represent the school publicly and it is expected that while in uniform that students conduct themselves most appropriately in. All students must arrive at the school and depart from the school daily dressed according to the following uniform regulations:




Headwear (unless of a religious nature) is not to be worn at any time in the building. Hair bands are permitted.

  • Hair bands must not exceed 2 inches in width.

White polo or dress shirt with school crest

Only shirts with school crest are acceptable.
Only solid coloured undershirts are permitted under the white school shirt.
(NO t-shirts with logos) No layering

Polar Cardigan with zipper or Fleece cardigan with zipper in black.

Only uniform cardigans are permitted. Students can not wear other coloured jackets, hoodies or cardigans. Coloured sweaters are also not permitted.

Black dress pants (all black) or Dickies with NO external pockets nor rivets.

  • NO jeans or denim
  • NO sweat pants / track pants, etc.
  • NO casual wear(ex: leggings or tight fitting pants)
  • NO logos or coloured stitching on pants.
  • The pants are not to be rolled or tucked into shoes. Cut off hems are not permitted.

Girls may wear skirts or kilts.

  • MUST be no more than 8 cm (3") above knee length

Black, knee length dress shorts in August, September and May and June only

  • Must be uniform shorts(knee length)
  • NO sports shorts

Black or white socks, nylons or leotards

  • Solid colors only
  • NO torn socks, nylons or leotards permitted.

Sensible shoes that are practical for a busy crowded public building (preferably black or white). Running shoes are acceptable.

  • Unfastened and dangerous shoes and sports sandals are not acceptable.
  • NO opened toed footwear(ex: flip flops)
  • NO steel toe shoes or boots permitted.
  • Shoe laces must only be black or white, coloured laces are not permitted.

Baseball caps, hats, tuques, hoods or bandannas worn indoors will be confiscated. Chains or jewellery that carry emblems or symbols that could be found offensive to any individual or group will not be permitted.

Items including, but not limited to: sun glasses, excessive jewellery, sweat bands, wallet chains, purses (or book bags used as purses) may not be worn in school and must be stored in the student's locker.