Mission Statement

Westmount High School is located in downtown Montreal and serves a multi-cultural student population which celebrates its diversity. It is a welcoming community which actively promotes values of equality and non-discrimination. We encourage the highest level of academic achievement possible for each student by offering a wide range of academic programs and a variety of learning experiences. Serving the needs of the individual student is our primary goal. We strive to give each student the support needed to succeed. While maintaining a safe and effective learning environment for all, we encourage self- expression, self-discipline, and self-fulfillment. The Westmount High School community promotes the active participation of all its members, and recognizes the need to foster a strong partnership between parents and school.

Educational Project (excerpt)

We hold that excellence in scholastic education and excellence in human values are not two categories but one, and that they can best be achieved within a framework which avoids systematic exclusiveness. We are honoured and proud to call ourselves a truly ‘public’ school – both as an ideological principle and in terms of educational values. We stand for scholastic excellence and humanism as one.