Why Westmount High?

Westmount High is a school on the move. For the past several years the number of students choosing Westmount High has far exceeded the school board’s projections. This is a direct result of the caring and dynamic team that is committed to providing an exceptional learning environment where students can explore their interests and reach their potential. The foundation of our program is strong academics; however we are also committed to fostering physical and cultural development. We see our approach as a holistic one where students can explore their own interests while developing the academic skills they need for their future success. The list below offers a brief overview of some of the things that make Westmount High special.

Advanced Placement Program

Westmount High is Quebec’s first and only public school to offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses which give students the opportunity to challenge themselves in a rigorous academic program while earning post-secondary credits. Over the years our students have found this program invaluable, not only in terms of the advanced credits and academic skills achieved, but also in terms of the confidence students in this program develop. Our graduates returning from CEGEP often mention the great extent to which they feel the AP program has given them an advantage over their classmates. Students can begin preparing for this program by registering for pre-AP courses as early as grade 7.


Grade Seven Transition Program

Westmount High is committed to making all grade seven students feel welcome, informed and connected to their school community. A wide range of activities and programs are planned each year just for the grade seven students. These include:

  • A classroom mentoring program with senior members of the Prefect Board
  • A special day of fun at Beaver Lake
  • A grade seven welcome lunch
  • A four day camp in the spring


Wide Range of Elective Courses for Students to Choose

While much of a student’s high school career is spent working on compulsory academic courses, there are also opportunities to choose elective courses, particularly in the senior grades. We therefore try to offer students a range of interesting courses to choose from. Some examples include; Leadership Gym, Philosophy, Media Arts, Biology, Chinese language, Art Expression through Wood, AP Psychology and Drama.


Excellence in French Language Instruction

Westmount High is committed to providing students the high level French skills they need to succeed in Quebec society. This commitment includes:

  • Extensive opportunities to receive tutoring
  • Various forms of cultural enrichment such as field trips or author visits
  • A well-developed French immersion program allowing students to take the majority of their courses in French.


Top-Notch Athletics Program

Westmount High’s Physical and Health Education department is dedicated to maintaining a healthy active lifestyle in its students. We offer a wide range of athletic activities for students to stay fit while having fun. Westmount High provides excellent athletic facilities including a double gym, a beautiful field and a weight training room. We have a long tradition of success in Greater Montreal Athletics Association (GMAA) sponsored competitions.


Strong Creative Arts Program

Westmount High is committed to fostering the creative abilities of students in both the visual and performing arts. Visual
artists are offered extensive instruction and various opportunities throughout the year to display their art, both within the school and in the community at large. Opportunities for performing artists include:

  • An annual drama production
  • A fashion show
  • A hip-hop/spoken word collective
  • A lunchtime jam space for school bands
  • Various musical performances throughout the year
  • Community exhibitions and vernisages


Staff That Goes That Extra Mile

Westmount High’s greatest strength is its staff. Teachers, administrators and support staff are committed to working as a team to constantly improve our school community. We are a dynamic, creative, and above all, caring staff that is ready to go that extra mile for each and every student.


Active Student Leadership Program

Through Westmount’s Prefect Board, Student Council and Leadership Gym class students have the opportunity to make a contribution to student life and to the community at large. Activities include; serving as the school’s hosts at events, organizing fun activities such as Wacky Olympics, Winter Carnival & the Beaver Lake trip, participating with students from the Mackay Centre in the annual Terry Fox run and organizing community events such as the annual family breakfast.


Commitment to Extra-Curricular Activities

Westmount High offers a large range of extra-curricular activities for students to get involved in. From sports teams to the debate club to the yearbook committee, Westmount High has an extra-curricular activity to meet every student’s interest.


Strength in Diversity

One of Westmount High’s greatest strengths is the cultural diversity of our students and staff. Our population proudly reflects the cultural richness of Montreal. This makes for an enriched learning environment and also helps develop the values of empathy and mutual respect in our students. Westmount’s staff is committed to promoting and celebrating this diversity.