Term 2 of the E-Portfolio Submission information

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POP-404-01  E-Portfolios are due on January 22, 2018

POP-404-02  E-Portfolios are due on January 23, 2018

All E-Portfolios will be exported from either word or your google drive as a PDF file. (I will teach you how to do this) I will only be accepting 1 file per student that contains all of the necessary course content from terms 1 and 2. 

Your file must be saved as: First Name Last Name POP-(01 or 02) E-Portfolio

Example of file name: John Smith Pop-01 E-Portfolio

Sec 1 January Exams!

 JANUARY EXAM: Jan 26th from 1 to 2:30PM. Arrive EARLY so you can find the place you are writing. It will be posted in the main lobbey by course code. For example, my classes are 104-02, 104-03 and 104-04. Know your section number.

If you arrive 30 minutes after the start of the exam you will not be permitted to write the exam at all. That means failure, so get here on time.

January Exam 2018 Sec 2

 Sec 2 Science Exam  is Jan 31st from 1PM to 3:10PM

Lab exam is in class time. It is a formal exam and you MUST be on time. See me if you are going to be absent for a VALID reason to re-arrange when you take the test.

204-03: Jan 18th period1

204-04: Jan 18th period 4

204-05: Jan 19th period 2

Debate Club Resources

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Possible topics for debate:

An important message to my students and their families

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I have been absent for the last several weeks and will continue to be on leave until further notice. If you have any questions please direct them to Ms. Jagus, who is my replacement for the duration of my absence. Thank you for your understanding.

Free tutorials are back! The UNDREGROUND

Underground is Back! Room 104

The Underground is back! On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 3:15-5pm, the drop-in tutoring center gives students a space to come and work. You can work individually at a table or on the computer on homework or request help from one of their tutors at anytime. 

Whether you want to stay on track or soar ahead, give yourself an edge by going to The Underground!