Grade 10 Review Answers

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Here are the answers to the review package.


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Grade 9 Review Answers

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You will find attached the answers for the grade 9 Review exams.


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2018 Midget Girls Flag Football Schedule

GMAA Flag Football Schedule 2018        

Trig Notes & Work For Grade 10's

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I hope that you had a lovely trip!!

Please find attached to this post, the notes from our lesson as well as the 2 work sheets we've completed. Each worksheet is two pages of questions followed by ALL the ANSWERS.

You must come Monday having in the VERY LEAST attempted these problems. 

CONTW - Environment Slides

As promised, here are the slides for our first class in Environmental issues. These can be used as reference for later assignments (must be cited as "Class Notes").


CONTW-05: SNOW DAY - What it means for you!

As you all know, all classes at WHS (and throughout the English Montreal School Board) have been canceled due to weather.

That your written reflections on the United Nations are now due on Wednesday, April 18th (Period 2).

Students are expected to come to class with a printed (or handwritten) copy of their reflection. All outstanding relfections will be marked as late submissions!

Enjoy the Snow Day!